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Commander  George  Robert  Metcalfe


Commander George Metcalfe signature

Commander George Metcalfe photograph ..
supplied by his Grandson

Born 28 September 1870 Helmsley, Yorkshire
Died 2 February 1945 Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales

Masters Certificate: 26 October 1895

Apprenticed to James Davies of Port Talbot on 6 January 1887 at the age of 16 and later joined White Star Line.

He became Master of  "Georgic" in 1908 then Mate of "Baltic" for a short time.

Became Master of "Romanic" in 1909 and thereafter continued in that rank.

In 1914 he was Staff Commander of Olympic.   Then Master of Megantic, Canopic, Megantic, Baltic, Ceramic from 1914-1918.  On "Megantic" he was at the Gallipoli Landings in WWI while the ship carried troops from Canada.

In 1915 the ship saved the crew of an American steamer "Denver" and he received an award.

1925 he relieved Sir Bertram Hayes as Master of Olympic and also as Senior Captain of White Star fleet.  I understand that the Senior Captain in White  Star was not automatically styled Commodore and after Sir Bertram's popularity  that this title was not bestowed on Captain Metcalfe.

Later in 1925 he became Master of Majestic which he commanded until his retirement in 1928.


Captain  J. M. Coulthatd  (Metcalfe's Grandson)